Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn Leaves: A Lesson in Letting Go

There’s something about the brilliant colors of autumn leaves as summer's green fades to flaming red, vibrant yellow or amber orange.
Before the first snow falls, each leaf wafts to the ground and only the barren tree branches remain. It’s a shedding of sorts. For a season, it looks as if the gnarly trees will be empty forever. But just as sure as spring comes, tiny buds appear; lush green leaves form again and mighty maples, oaks and aspens come to life once more.
Old leaves fall; new growth comes.
In your quest to clean up your house or redecorate your inner life, remember that there is a reason for release and a season for renewal. Letting go, like the brown, crunchy leaves at autumn's end--and letting go of the past and pain in our own lives--is possible as you pray. Ask the Lord to blow a mighty wind in your life to empower you to let go when releasing the past is difficult.  
And then, you will find more peace and freedom.
You’ll feel lighter, as if a weight has been lifted from you. Mostly, you will be making room for new things. And when you do, you never know what surprises God may have in store for you.

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