Monday, February 11, 2013

When Life is Hard: Pray On!

A prayer-filled life is a powerful life. It will help you to stand strong in tough times.

When you pray, your life—and the lives of those around you—will be forever changed. You will be inspired to live with greater peace, restored hope, and more freedom.

You will discover wild hope through Jesus Christ, a hope so unexpected yet so wonderfully good, that when you begin to grasp it your life just may be transformed into one of startling kindness, lavish love, and limitless possibilities.

The economy may fluctuate, your bank balance may rise and fall, and your emotions may ebb and flow like the ocean tide, but one thing is true: the word of the Lord stands forever.

God keeps His promises. He will take care of you. He is totally reliable, willing and able to meet your needs more than you can ever imagine—wildly more, extravagantly more.

When life is hard, pray on.

Excerpt from PowerfulPrayers for Challenging Times by Jackie M. Johnson. Available in paperback and Kindle edition.