Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Brings You Comfort?

So, I'm thinking about comfort today.

Why? Because I'm working on Chapter 2 of my next book--the one about breakups and how to get over them. I love the word "comfort" because it's so, well, comforting. To me it conjures up images of sleeping in late and snuggling up with a plush warm, down comforter. Or drinking a fresh, hot caramel latte. Or sitting by a crackling fire in an overstuffed chair while the rain pours and the thunder rolls overhead.

What brings you comfort? Traditional comfort foods like mac and cheese? Brownies? Mashed potatoes? How about a therapeutic massage to relax and restore tired muscles? Many people love the full sound of their favorite music resonating throughout the house. A hug. A smile from a friend. A phone call from someone who is really good at cheering you up. All comfort things. All good.

One night, months after a traumatic breakup, I wondered what the Bible said about comfort so I got out my concordance and looked up every single reference to comfort in the entire book! There's like over 70 verses about it! And here I learned that the greatest Comforter of all was pouring out love, nurture, wisdom and all I needed to hear: like his unfailing love is my comfort (Psalm 119:76) and his rod and staff (his protection and direction) comfort me (Psalm 23:4).

How do you nuture your soul, as well as your mind and body? What brings you the most comfort when you need heart healing? Think about it. And when your next disappointment or down day comes, you'll be ready. As for me, hand me another caramel latte--and my Bible. My Comforter is waiting.