Books by Jackie M. Johnson

Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times
by Jackie M. Johnson
(Revell/Baker, October 2012)

What do you pray when times get tough? When you're stressed or depressed, when life is overwhelming or disappointing, when you feel like giving up? It's in these challenging times you need to pray with wild hope.

With encouraging stories, Scriptures, and prayers, Johnson shows women how to pray for focus, wisdom, confidence, courage, grace, strength, meaning, and much more. With her upbeat attitude and down-to-earth style, Johnson will have readers picking up Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times again and again. Conveniently structured so that readers can go directly to the chapter that addresses their particular situation, this book will be a lifeline to peace for those who need God's touch.

When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton Is Empty
by Jackie M. Johnson
(Moody Publishing)

Going through a relationship breakup? Whether you are single or single again, this book can help you find comfort, encouragement and practical tips on how to heal your broken heart--and move forward from dark days into the light of joy and new hope.

An excellent resource for healing from relationship breakups.

Also available in Portuguese

Power Prayers for Women
by Jackie M. Johnson
(Barbour Publishing)

Power Prayers for Women offers hope and specific prayer starters for 21 key areas of life. Topics such as emotions, health, finances, job, relationships--and praying for our nation--are addressed. Learn to connect to God, the power source in powerful prayers. The One who loves you most longs to have a deep connection with you, and that connection comes in prayer--talking and listening to God. Concise and quick to read, yet packed with spiritual punch, Power Prayers for Women makes an ideal devotional for yourself, or to give as a gift to others. 

Available in hardcover gift edition.

Available in Portuguese.

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