Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Your Sacred Yes: Trading Life-draining Obligation for Freedom, Passion and Joy" by Susie Larson

Susie Larson is a national speaker, author and radio show host with another fantastic book out--this one called "Your Sacred Yes."

The premise? "Anytime we say yes, we say no."

"If we say yes to working too many hours (beyond what God has asked of us), we say no to family and friends and the sacred life rhythm God offers us," says Larson.

"When we say yes to purchasing more items than we can afford, we say no to financial freedom...When we say yes to overindulgence--on any level--we say no to soul freedom, and we give the enemy the opportunity to destroy our lives and our influence," she continues.

It makes me think: What am I saying yes to in my life, or no, that needs to change?

Her new book explores that and offers a pretty good trade--life draining obligation for freedom, passion and joy. To get there, we need to rely on the power of God, the peace of God and the grace He offers to all of us.

Check out some of these chapter titles:

Busyness vs. Abundance
There's Rest in God's Yes
There's Freedom in God's Yes
When God Redirects
Stand in Power

We are a busy people, so it seems wise to discern where and how we will spend our days.

Susie Larson's new book is insightful and helpful. Packed with godly advice and stories from her own life, it's a must-read for those who need a renewed sense of joy and purpose.