Saturday, August 30, 2008

Are You Living Your Dreams?

Last night I went to a "Dream Dinner" at my friend Judy's house. Ten of us were gathered around a table on her deck looking out at multi-colored wildflowers, a collection of bird feeders and the late summer sun saying goodnight over the mountains.

We gathered to talk about our dreams and goals...what we wanted to do when we were kids, if we'd achieved some of those dreams or not--and why. I shared how I wanted to be a writer and live in Colorado, and now I do. Another woman shared how she had always wanted to go to seminary, and she did. Others had dreams deferred or broken. Like marriages ended or careers changed in midstream due to circumstances beyond their control

Sometimes we think our dreams are DEAD. Game over. The End. But often, our dreams are merely DORMANT, like a seed in the soil which has not yet grown above the surface. Here's a poem I wrote about dormant dreams that turn into dreams realized:

Dormant Dreams

Desires and dreams encased in a seed,
Released in the black earth of faith.
Time to let go of what I think I need,
And hold on to the hope of His grace.

Longingly gazing at empty brown dirt,
Can’t make your dreams grow any faster.
For the seed in the soil is dormant, not dead.
Look up, to the face of the Master.

Call out for courage, have patience, have faith!
A mystery’s unveiling, my friend.
For a small, simple seed can yield sunflower gold.
Surely, this isn’t the end.

In the fullness of time, resurrection.
The earth births a tender young shoot.
Nurtured and tended with strong, loving hands
The flower grows deep, solid roots.

And the seedling unfolds to a blossom,
Pure artistry formed in the dark.
In His perfect timing the Harvester brings
Fruition to desires of the heart.

-- Jackie M. Johnson

What are your dreams and goals for your life? Are you living them? What's blocking you? Take some time to ponder and pray this weekend. Remember, God is always at work in our lives and He finishes what He starts!

...being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. -- Philippians 1:6

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Endings and New Beginnings

Summer is slowly fading like the evening sun behind the Rocky Mountains. One season is ending and another beginning. I've never been good with endings, especially in relationships. But I've learned a lot over the years and I'm writing a book to help others like me. It's called, "When Love Ends" and it's geared for singles of all ages. I'm creating a new website for it now.

So, what's worked for you? What are some ways you've coped with a breakup?

Be encouraged. It may feel like the darkest night, but your New Day will come. "the LORD turns my darkness into light." 2 Samuel 22:29