Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Review: The Re-Marriage Adventure

Preparing for a lifetime of love and happiness
Susan and Dale Mathis are passionate about helping couples prepare for remarriage. As a remarried couple themselves, they know firsthand about blending lives and families.
Their new book, "The Re-Marriage Adventure," offers practical help, hope, encouragement and wisdom for preparing for a healthy, godly marriage.
One of the key concepts the authors start with is Redemption: "Whether you've lost your marriage through a death or a divorce, pain is a natural part of any loss, and redemption is God's plan for healing that pain. As a couple, having a vision for a redemptive marriage can be one of the most inspiring, productive, and motivating ways to view your future together."
As they share on page 9 of the book, " God can buy back (redeem) your past and deliver you from your broken dreams, heartaches, mistakes and sins, your fears and your pain.
He can restore your joy and hope, and so much more."
For authors Susan and Dale, a redemptive marriage played out by caring for each other physically, emotionally, spirituall, and every other way. They wanted to create an intimate and inspiring relationship that could show others the beauty and promise of God's plan for marriage.
The book offers helpful advice on communication, expectations, sex, finances, blending families and more. With real-life stories from other remarried couples, this book is a must-read for every couple who is planning a re-marriage.
May this book bring you hope and joy--and a healthy, strong marriage to last a lifetime!
The Re-Marriage Adventure is available on or wherever books are sold.

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