Friday, October 5, 2012

The Importance of Connection: Facebook Is One Thing; Face-to-Face Friendships are Priceless

The importance of connection

We live in society that exalts self-reliance, and a time where we are more disconnected than ever. The Internet has radically changed how we do ‘people connection.’ On one hand’s it’s a fantastic tool. From my living room in Colorado, I can email my Dad in Minnesota or Facebook with readers in Brazil.
Other the other hand, technology may limit a person’s face-to-face-interactions and in-person friendships. On Facebook, for instance, we may go wide (have a lot of ‘friends’) but not go deep (as in having meaningful relationships with good friends).

We all need to connect with other people. We can do so by building bridges to other people, connecting in person, and not living solely a virtual life. Bridges provide a link from one place to another. Friendships connect one isolated person to another, and soon community is built.

We were created to need each other and to serve each other’s needs. Indeed, our longing for love, friendship and heart friends (close friends) is real. It’s vital to our emotional wellbeing. And so is our need to connect with God. You can build connections in all different areas of life:

  • Spiritual community with people at church, or in a small group, prayer group, missions team or one-on-one.
  • Social community through a bowling league, mom’s group, singles group, coffee with friends.
  • Intellectual community with people from work, joining a book group or other group with shared interests.
  • Physical community in joining a sports team, dance class or getting workout partner for the gym.
  • Neighborhood or city community can be built be showing up at your local playground, a neighborhood block party, or mentoring a disadvantaged youth.
  • Virtual community is a way to connect with others, but make sure it’s not your only connection with other people.

Connecting with God
Of course, the first person to make a connection with is the most important one. Through prayer and our relationship with God we have the most primary and meaningful connection possible.

Prayer is talking with God, not at Him. It’s a holy conversation of both speaking and listening. Your words don't have to be perfect or rehearsed, just real and from your heart. Tell God how you feel and what you need. Thank Him for all He has done for you and for those you love. When you don’t know what to say, even the simple prayer of, "Help!" will reach the loving ears of God. 
For more about finding connection, see "Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times" by Jackie M. Johnson.


Deb said...

You last sentence, "Help, will reach the loving ears of God." just having one of those overwhelming days. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

I am comming back to your blog. Very inspiring.