Tuesday, February 15, 2011

After the Heart Holiday -- Now What?

Okay so the heart holiday is over. You made it! Here are a few parting thoughts about Love…

Perhaps you’ve heard this expression: “The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.” So said Oliver Wendell Holmes.

I believe the same is true of love. The heart, once expanded to encompass the breadth of love, is never the same again.

A nice idea, you may say. But what if your life has turned out differently than you’d planned? You had love—-once-—and lost it. Or, you’ve never even experienced it at all. Being single at this stage of your life was not your plan, yet here you are, on your own.

Unlike the board game called LIFE, where the path meanders through key life events like graduation, jobs, marriage, kids and retirement, you never got your little red convertible with a husband in the seat next to yours, or a bunch of kids in the back.

Either way, we need to remember that God is still sovereign. That means He rules and reigns; He’s in control even when life seems out of control—or seemingly empty. Just because the road of real life took a different turn, does not mean God has forgotten about you. He is still with you on the path--leading, guiding, loving.

Every step of the way.

Here’s a good way to look at it. “The sovereign Lord will not be thwarted by ill motives, wayward plans, or the scheming of the unrighteous. He rules over the universe, and he even uses evil to accomplish his plan,” says Dan Allender.

“But God’s sovereignty is not an invitation to passivity. Instead, it is a call to wise and risky creativity. We must plan, and he will direct.”

Okay. We must plan, and pray, and God will direct.

So, on this Tuesday and for the rest of our lives we can choose to walk forward by faith.I, for one, choose to love. To be kind. To care about others. To serve and give. To protect and be protected. And more.

Today I choose to...

Love bravely.
Love courageously.
Love anyways!

Will you?

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