Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tired of Waiting for Love?

So you want to get married. Or, have a boyfriend or girlfriend to spend time with who’s a really good match for you. You like him, he likes you; you have a lot in common, and wow they make you feel really good when you’re with them!

If only.

Well, friend, that’s where hope comes in.

Yep, wild hope that one day—-maybe in the not too distant future-—you will meet the one you connect with best, and the one who stays. The real thing. Lasting love. We all desire it. At least most of us do. And if you do, tell God about it.


Tell the One who loves you most about the deepest desires of your heart. Your lack, your longings, and what you really need in a love relationship. He is the Author of the best Love Stories. He is the Author of Love.


Here’s the thing, too. It’s about having a “harvest” mentality. It may not happen all at once. You plant your seeds (your prayers) and God grows what is best for you. You prepare and you have hope.

Prepare by becoming the person who will be well-suited for the one you meet. Because there’s what you want to GET from another and what you GIVE to the other.

Prepare by learning more about the opposite sex and how they think and feel. There are a ton of books out there to read, but you can also get to know your women friends better (or your male friends, as the case may be). Oh, the insight you will get!

A blog reader I will call S. is struggling with the same thing many of us singles struggle with—-we know God loves us, and that He has a good plan. We trust Him, but...

As she says, “it would be nice to be blessed with seeing as well as believing.”

To reader S. and to all of you, I’d say: I know. It would be nice. But keep having Hope.

Hope that God really does know what is best for you. He is not withholding something (or someone) from you; He is protecting you and saving you for His very best. We are on God’s timetable, He is not on ours. And if we trust His timing and His ways, we may just be surprised…

That is our wild hope—that God will indeed give what is best for each of us. If that includes marriage and kids, it will happen. If it means being on your own, He will take care of you.

Most likely some of you are gasping right now. “Not me! I’m not gonna be alone the rest of my life!” Again, you don’t know. So trust God for today and tomorrow.

Plant, prepare, wait, and wonder, and in all that—have a “harvest mentality” that God will grow what is good. Like the luscious, red apples ripe on the tree, when it’s time it will be time.

Harvest will come, whatever that looks like for you.

Until then, look up. Smile. Live your life. And know…He will take care of you.

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Shelby said...

I just happen to run across this page, and i couldnt have asked for a better answer. i have been struggling with this for awhile now, and it seems as though i will be single forever. it hurts for me to look at all of my closest friends and see them in love and happy. i would love nothing more than to have a significant other right now. But i know God is holding out for now for a reason. He just wants the very best for me. And i will be praying (lots and lots of praying) that he doesnt hold out for too much longer. thank you so much for your post. it's really helped me. (: