Thursday, July 18, 2013

Standing Strong in Tough Times

Life can be hard at times. Maybe your kids are screaming, and they just won't seem to settle down. Or, you can’t find a job—and you’ve been out of work for months. Could it be that someone you love just left you and you're brokenhearted? Do you have an illness or injury? Or, an ache in your heart wondering if you are dating or just friends with someone you care about?
Whatever the situation, you can find HOPE despite your circumstances.
To stand strong in challenging times, we need a solid foundation. When we ask, God will build support into our lives so that when the winds of change and challenge blow we won’t topple like the fragile houses of the three little pigs.
We will stand strong.
Consider what happens when builders construct a skyscraper. In order for the building to be tall and not tumble, the workers first dig a foundation and then pound steel reinforcing rods called pylons deep into the earth. Concrete is then poured into the shaft with the pylons for a super-strong hold.

The same can be true in your life.

As you grow deeper, you grow stronger in your faith. As you immerse yourself in the ways and wisdom of God, the truth (like pylons of hope, trust, courage, and faith), helps you become stronger.

So when your life is spiraling downward or you’re overcome with loneliness, you will be able to withstand more readily the gale-force winds of hard times and pain.

Steel upon steel, story upon story, a structure is built. Likewise, God’s Word tells us that hope comes step by step as “…suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope (Rom. 5:34).

Press in to God’s strength and He will help you do what you cannot do on your own. There is hope ahead. And we’re on the way to finding it.

For more about finding hope in hard times,
see Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times (Revell/Baker Publishing Group) by Jackie M. Johnson

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