Monday, March 28, 2011

Freedom and Peace on the Road of Life

No matter what you are going through--or have just come through--there is hope. Hope that one day things will be better. More joy, less pain. More freedom and peace.

There is a new road: Following God's path instead of going the way of what we think will satisfy. It may be unfamiliar at first, maybe a bit different than what you're used to, but ultimately...satisfying...good...very good.

Be encouraged, the journey of life takes many twists and turns, but if you're following the One who loves you most, all will be well in the end.

A New Road to Follow

Come forth from the darkness and into the sun.
My child, do you know that a new day has dawned?
The chains that have held you are loose; you are free!
Go forth on a new path. Get up; follow Me.

For I’ll show you a new way, a new road to trod.
It’s long and it’s winding and, at first, may seem odd.
But I will be with you. Child, come take my hand.
Get ready to enter the new Promised Land.

I know you have been in your Egypt too long.
In bondage, oppression and not very strong.
Throw off your sadness, your fear and distress.
It’s time to be different, it’s time to be blessed.

To know the truth and to be set free,
To learn and become all that you’re meant to be.
To walk in a new way – in freedom and might.
To walk daily by faith and not by sight.

The desert will bloom once again and rejoice!
But remember, my child, that you have a choice:
To live by My words; to trust and obey.
In step with the Spirit, I’ll show you the way.

With power and purpose your life will be strong,
For the joy of the Lord will be your new song.
Come forth from the darkness and into the sun.
My child, it is true – a new day has dawned!

-- --Jackie M. Johnson

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