Thursday, March 31, 2011

Courage When You Need it Most


Have courage,
Have faith!
For God has a plan.
Don’t the sun, moon and stars
Heed the Master’s command?

His plan’s not to harm you,
But help you succeed,
To guide you and heal you
And give what you need.

Don’t worry, don’t doubt.
Just simply believe,
By the power of the Spirit
Who wants you to live.

Remember the good things
He’s done in the past,
For you and for others;
Let go of your grasp --
That things should turn out
The way you think they’ll be.
For His plans are much greater,
Though now you can’t see.

Yes, walking by faith
Is hard for the blind.
But He’ll lead you to good things
And in time you will find
That the King of the heavens
And Lord of the earth
Will give you the best things
When you put Him first.

-- Jackie M. Johnson

1 comment:

Karen B. Phillips said...

So beautiful! wow both encouraging and uplifting