Wednesday, June 12, 2013

PRAY FOR COLORADO: Wildfires Raging

Less than a year ago our city battled the largest wildfire in Colorado history.
Today, as numerous wildfires are raging in our state (at the Royal Gorge, LaVeta, Black Forest and other areas), we ask for prayer.  

The blaze closest to Colorado Springs is the Black Forest fire. So far it has burned more than 8,000 acres in one day and is 0% contained. That means it is burning out of control.  

Hundreds of firefighters, police, National Guard and others are helping to battle flames in the 90+ degree heat.  

Thousands have been evacuated statewide and nearly 100 homes have been lost in the Black Forest fire—only miles from my home.  

Today, the air is hazy and you can smell the smoke for miles. It smells like campfire, residual from the blaze still being battled.  

Thankfully, Colorado Springs is a community that rallies to help each other. I was at Care and Share foodbank today dropping of boxes of energy bars (for firefighters on the front lines) and the line of cars went on for BLOCKS…so many people willing to help!
Will you pray for the Colorado fires burning nearby? 

For rain to come and the high winds to die down  

For the fires to be contained and stop (they predict it will burn for days) 

For the many people who have evacuated—for comfort in their loss of homes and properties—and for food and shelter in their time of need right now.  

For the police, firefighters, National Guard, Army and other first responders to be safe and to have the energy and strength to battle this blaze.    

For people, property and pets to be safe. 

Lord, we need you. Come and heal our land—and the people of our city affected by the fires. We ask believing! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Click for live updates on the Colorado wildfires from The Gazette

Photo credit (fire): Huffington Post; Photo credit (cars): Jackie Johnson

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