Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prayer for the Tragic School Shooting in Connecticut

Yesterday was a sad day in America. 27 lives lost. 20 children. 7 adults. Even one life lost by violence is one life too many.

We grieve for the families in the tragic shooting at the grade school in Newtown, Connecticut. We pray for comfort and healing, and one day, new hope. Children are so innocent and many will need years of counseling and help to recover.

We wonder what drives a young man to commit such a horrific crime. And we remember that in this world of good and evil, evil is right in front of us on a level so black we can barely comprehend it.

Many talk about gun control. And yet, no matter what your viewpoint on that topic, it's not the gun that kills. It's the person behind the gun. They make choices. And we need to pray for people to have a moral compass--a deep sense of right and wrong and to value life.

And we pray....

"Lord, we pray for the victims (children) and their families in the shooting in Connecticut. Our hearts break for this tragedy. Comfort them and heal this broken land. Help us, as a nation, to return to our moral compasses and live with love, not hate; with healing, not brokenness. Help us, Lord."

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Robert Joseph Johnson said...

Thanks Jackie!
Its hard to express one's feelings when such a terrible, awful, and distressing event takes place.
You have done a great service for all with your understanding and "down to earth" comments about this event.
God bless you and keep up your fine reporting, and comments.

Bob Johnson Rosemount,MN.