Friday, March 9, 2012

The Power of Camp Can Change a Child’s Life

The Power of Camp Can Change Lives

Today’s kids have a more isolated and indoor life than in previous generations. They miss the life lessons one can learn at camp—not just about nature and the outdoors—but about the Greatest Adventure of all: learning about a God-centered life.

Check out these stats—and the infographic above. The average child:

. Spends 3.5 minutes in meaningful conversation with their parents each week.¹
. Plays outside an average of four minutes a day.²
. Spends an average of 7.5 hours a day using entertainment media.³

Those are some reasons why Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) recently kicked off “The Power of Camp,” a national marketing initiative to raise awareness of and esteem for Christian camp ministry through various media outlets and social media.

The Power of Camp is the power of hope and an opportunity for a life-changing experience.

Plus, part of this initiative is Corners of the Field, a program to raise funds to send impoverished kids to camp. Wouldn’t it be great if every kid had the ability to go to camp regardless of their ability to pay? For more info on how you can help, go to:

What’s great about camp?
Approximately 6 million people attended a CCCA member camp each year. There are more than 850 member camps in some of the most beautiful settings in North America—places where caring adults invest in the lives of kids and their families. A safe place to explore, make friends and ask some of life’s most important questions while also enjoying the environment and moments of quietness. Camp provides high adventure like ropes courses, water sports, horseback riding and other activities that help build self-esteem and confidence.

What can you do?
We’re looking for people to help spread the word about The Power of Camp. Here are some social media things you can do:

1.“Like” and watch for news and updates about the campaign. Repost Facebook and Twitter info about the national campaign.

2. Visit the Web site: to learn more. If you’re a parent looking for a camp to send your children to, check out the Find a Camp link.

3. Send powerful stories (and photos) of how camp has changed your life—or your child’s—to Julie Hill at

4. Link to, download or share The Power of Camp infographic (the visual piece, also shown above, helps people quickly understand some of the issues facing young people and how The Power of Camp brings help) and send through your email, social networks and blogs.

Christian camp ministry can make an eternal difference in a child’s life. It did for the president of CCCA, Gregg Hunter. As a teen, someone provided a camp scholarship for him and it was there he made a life-changing decision to follow Christ.

Check out The Power of Camp at
Spread the word through your social media channels. Send your child to a CCCA member camp—or donate so a child in need can go.

And you can make a difference in a kid’s life, too!


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