Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Look of Love

Imagine you're at a wedding, and you see the bride walking down the aisle. But she is not looking at the groom, her intended. No, she is looking at the best man--and flirting with him! You are shocked. Appalled.

Who would DO such a thing!

Then imagine the bride is you. The bridegroom is Jesus Christ and you are ignoring him. Instead you're focused on the "best man" of what you THINK are the best things in life...He tries to woo you away from the True Best Man who promises lasting love; the best man is not the intended.

How would He feel? The One who loves you most would do anything for you, and your heart is toward another.


This poem captures that intensity...and offers hope. Remember Who loves you.

Flirting with the Best Man

Staring at the bridegroom
Stands a radiant, stunning bride.
Draped in silk and taffeta
And yet her vision slides…
To the man standing beside him
With a grin a mile wide.

Looking handsome as he can be
Is the bridegroom’s own best man.
The bride looks down and clutches hard
The bouquet between her hands,
Wondering how this new distraction
Will affect her wedding plans.

The best man tries to woo her,
The bride becomes confused.
She thought the bridegroom was the one,
Yet now she has to choose.
Will she pass the tempter’s test?
What does she have to lose?

Though lured for just a moment
Her heart cries out, “No, wait!”
For the bride could see the look of love
Upon the bridegroom’s face.
How could another ever take
Her dear beloved’s place?

A test, indeed, for we, the Bride,
The Church, have often spurned
The One, True Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.
O, how our hearts have turned!
We try to seek and find true love,
But lessons must be learned:

No flirting with the best man.
Don’t let the feelings start.
For the best man is not always
The best man for the part.
The Bridegroom is the Chosen One,
And He must have your heart.

-- Jackie M. Johnson

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