Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where have you seen "When Love Ends"?

My new book, "When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton Is Empty" is now available online and in stores everywhere--like Barnes and Noble, Family Christian Store and other random places.

Mim in Florida saw "When Love Ends" in the gift shop at Troyer's Dutch Heritage Restaurant in Sarasota.

Where have YOU seen the book?

Let me know and I will post it on my blog. And, if you have a photo (of you with the book, or a photo of the place), send it along. Photo or no photo, it's always fun to find out where in the world you've seen it.

Thanks! And may you find hope, encouragement, and joy today!


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! I will now keep my eyes peeled for a "When Love Ends" sighting and let you know :-) Your Sis in Christ, Barbara

Natalie White said...
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Natalie White said...

Great post! Hey, how can I follow you? I don't see the button.

Also, I ask you to please take a look at my blog-- Pioneer-Writer.blogspot.com.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I just went through a breakup. The guy I engaged to for 2 years decided to end the relationship. My best friend sent me this book. It has been very comforting and encouraging to me. This book does not only give theory but also give practical advice.
Thanks for putting out a book like this.

Anonymous said...

dear jackie,
thanks for writing a wonderful book! i went through a breakup recently with whom i knew for years but because he's a non-believer, the relationship just can't work and there were lots of questions in my mind to justify the reasons of why-can't-it-work and when i read your book...it's like, God answers my questions through your writing...the book is so-about-me! amazing!
i'm stil in the process of recovering and with God's grace, i will be ok...thank you for the encouragement and comfort!

Anonymous said...

I finally finished reading your book today. It is a very good book.
After the breakup, I felt like my dreams and hopes totally shattered. I was so disappointed with life and with GOD.
But your book pointed me back to proper prospective. And at the end of the book, you wrote about the "New Beginning" and encouraged us not to give up hope and dream.
I found comfort in your book. I am still trying to heal.
Just want you to know your book has been helping me during this painful experience.