Saturday, September 5, 2015

WAR ROOM Movie and Making Prayer a Priority

One of the most popular movies in America is taking Hollywood by surprise this week. It’s not about high-speed chases or aliens or politics.  

It’s about prayer.
The new film, “War Room,” by brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick (“Fireproof,” Courageous”) is about a well-off couple who find healing to their broken marriage through the power of prayer.

Oh, and Beth Moore makes an appearance in the film, too.

But the main idea is that prayer is a weapon we use to fight this war called life. In fact, God does the fighting for us.  

Prayer is powerful because God is powerful! He’s the one who makes real and lasting changes in people’s lives. He’s the one who helps us to forgive when we simply do not feel like it. He mends broken hearts and shattered lives.  

I’ve learned this in my own life too. When we choose to make prayer a priority we are really choosing to make God our first priority.  

Prayer doesn’t have to be complicated. It is simply a one-on-one conversation with your Creator.  

You can build your relationship with God as you would with a close friend. Talk, listen, and find out more about His character. You’ll gain insight, wisdom, and strength to face life’s challenges. Ask Him to help you with every area of your life. Thank God for all He has done for you.  

You may not always have a large block of time to pray. But make every effort to be alone with God in a quiet place, and then pray throughout the day as you are able, whether you’re folding laundry, talking a walk, or taking a coffee break at work.  

Sometimes you might just need to offer up a short, “Help me, Lord!” prayer before you walk into a meeting or a messy kid’s room.
In your “war room,” your prayer closet, (or wherever you pray) you will find the power you need to live this hard and messy life. And, you’ll become acquainted with the One who loves you most.

Choose to make prayer a priority every day. And watch what God does in your life, and in the lives of those you love.  

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