Thursday, December 5, 2013

12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman

A Book Review

These days, almost everyone I know complains that they have too much to do and not enough time. How do you get it all done and stay organized in the process. Are there better ways to tackle the clutter, organize your house and maintain relationships with your spouse, kids, friends, and—most importantly—with God in this fast-paced life? 

Yes, indeed. Thanks to author Lane P. Jordan, getting organized doesn’t have to be difficult.  

In her newly updated and revised book, 12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman: Practical Tips for Managing Your Home and Your Family (Hendrickson Publishers) Jordan provides a treasure chest of information to help make life more productive and satisfying.  

Check out some of these categories that Jordan tackles in her book: 

  • Walking with God daily
  • Working on your marriage
  • The importance of time
  • Balancing the demands of home and career
  • Staying healthy and fit
  • Health meals
  • Details of the home
  • Nurturing and providing for children
  • Restoring yourself emotionally and spiritually
  • And more…
With practical tips and spiritual insight for women who want to live a more balanced and productive life, this book can be a helpful resource.

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