Friday, September 14, 2012

Need Hope? "Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times" Coming Soon!

Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times:
Finding Hope When You Need It Most
Life's challenges are big . . . but God is even bigger.
What do you pray when times get tough?
When you're stressed or depressed?
When life is overwhelming or disappointing, when you feel like giving up?
It's in these challenging times you can look to the One who loves you most and pray with wild hope. From the author of Power Prayers for Women (more than 200,000 sold!) comes the new book, Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times (Revell/Baker). Available October 2012.

With encouraging stories and dynamic prayers (each with its own Bible verse), you can discover how to pray boldly and powerfully for focus, wisdom, confidence, courage, grace, strength, meaning, and much more.

Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times is conveniently arranged by topic so you can go directly to the chapter that addresses your particular situation. Even when you don't know what to pray or you just can't find the words, this book will be a lifeline to peace and renewed joy.

Do you need help or hope for your marriage, family, job, finances? What about perseverance when you have been waiting for far too long, or you're bored, lonely or dealing with difficult people? Practical help and powerful prayers for these topics, and more, are right at your fingertips.

Prayer is powerful because God is powerful.
Hope is here--and help is just a prayer away.

What Others Are Saying

"Prayer is the overflow of the human heart. Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times is an aid in helping the heart express its deepest longings."
--Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages

”Jackie M. Johnson know what it means to persevere through difficult times. With transparency and love, she gives you practical encouragement through the power of prayer—a spiritual tool that can renew your strength and transform your circumstances.”
--Valorie Burton, author of Successful Women Think Differently and Your Five-Minute Personal Coach
“Jackie M. Johnson’s Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times will give you the powerful words to pray through any difficulty.”
--Linda Evans Shepherd, author of When You Don’t Know What to Pray
"Jackie looks at the elements of prayer in a practical and realistic way, provides wisdom and insight for finding hope when you need it most, and gives you tools for praying with faith and confidence."
--Susan G. Mathis, author of Countdown for Couples

Jackie M. Johnson is the author of the popular Power Prayers for Women and When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton Is Empty. Follow her encouragement blog, A New Day Café ( Jackie is a graduate of
Trinity International University, and she lives in Colorado.

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