Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy thoughts for a summer day

It's Saturday and it's summer. Okay, almost summer. In three more days the we'll flip the calendar and it will be official. But today it's warm and sunny.

Don't you wish it was summer-like in your heart every day? Instead of clouds, perfectly blue sky. No pain, no tears. Instead of fog, always clear. You always knew just what direction to take and exactly what to do!

If only.

But even though the weather changes--outdoors and in our hearts--we can still CHOOSE joy. We can still take steps toward feeling better and living better even when life is hard.

There will always be disappointments and trials in life...confusing days and broken times. Love can hurt and life is messy. We can cry and be sad. There is a place for that. But then, after grieving, we can press on--trusting God--and choose what we will do next.

As for me, I want to choose kind...lend a helping hand...listen to heard...celebrate! at peace.

Today I will trust God. And make better choices.

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mona said...

Thank you for this Jackie. Very timely. Having a heck of a time trusting God as of late and feel like I'm losing everything I learned over these past hellish months. Discouraged but I will continue to trust Him. Thanks for the reminder. Hope all is well with you.