Sunday, March 28, 2010

Preparing Your Heart for Easter

What are you doing to prepare for Easter? Not just coloring eggs or getting a new dress. Not just searching for Grandma’s au gratin potato recipe or inviting guests for dinner. I mean, how are you preparing your heart?

Easter is the biggest holiday in the Christian faith, the main event. Sure, Christmas always seems to get top billing in the media and the preparations go on for weeks before the actual day. But what about Easter—Resurrection Day?

The snowdrop flowers in the photo above remind me of the contrast of this holiday. The dark black background is the Good Friday sorrow of holy surrender and death. And yet, there is also the triumph—the bright white good news is that Jesus Christ rose again. Alive and free! So we could be too.

Darkness and light. Death and resurrection. Hopes dashed and hope renewed. The messages of life played out in the events we celebrate each year in this Easter Week.

What are you doing to prepare?

Me? I’m pushing aside worry and focusing on WORSHIP. I’m spending more time in prayer and less in putting my own agenda first. I’m choosing to CELEBRATE the best news ever from the One who loves me most. Jesus died and rose again to give us life, hope, freedom and peace. And that is so worth celebrating!

It may be Easter, but this holiday carol still applies, “Let every heart prepare Him room…”

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pjtj said...

I was just thinking about this today, too! Tonight as I rocked Elli to sleep, I stayed in there longer and just thanked God for His blessings...I relaxed in Him (though dishes and such were waiting for me). As I rocked my sweet girl and rubbed the palm of her hand (she has loved that since she was a newborn--and it's only her and I's thing), I felt God saying, "I know you just the same. I love holding you and watching you. I know you like you know Elli and I know what fills you with joy." His sweetness is so gentle, yet all-consuming. Thanks for the nudge, Jackie, to spend time this week "truly preparing" for Easter.